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Measured building surveys including floor plans, elevations and sections:

ABA surveys use the most recently advanced reflectorless technology combined with the latest software which allows for real time graphical capture required for the production of scale drawings. This reduces site visits and speeds up the CAD processing times as it allows plans to be drawn on site which means surveys can be carried out in less time thereby leading to cost savings.

Topographic surveys:

All data is coded on site and processed through specialist survey software which speeds up the site time and the CAD post processing time as the survey is effectively drawn on site. In the office the data is then exported to AutoCAD for final enhancement and plotting.

Floor area and volume analysis:

In accordance with the Code of Measuring Practice as published by RICS.

CAD Services:

2D and 3D drafting, exported in all of the major formats.

3d Visualization Survey

Through real-time GPS observations we are able to precisely co-ordinate the point where the camera was located when the `view` photograph was taken and further to this, using high accuracy “reflector less” total stations, we are able to record a series of points within the `view` photo. This enables an exact relationship between the actual view and the superimposed image of the proposed development to be produced.